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Women's Leather and Suede Brogue Lace Up Ankle Boots

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A Mesmerising Dance of Colour and Craftsmanship: The Multi-Coloured Leather Brogue Ankle Boots

Step into a world of wonder where old-world craftsmanship meets a burst of contemporary colour. Our multicoloured leather brogue ankle boots are a striking testament to the art of shoemaking. These aren't just boots; they are a tale of tradition, luxury, and an unyielding commitment to quality.

Features and Benefits:

1. Exquisite Material Composition:

    Khaki Kid Suede: This luxuriously soft suede offers a touch of understated elegance. Its rich texture elevates the aesthetic while providing comfort and flexibility.
    Olive Painted Full Grain: A robust leather that is not just visually captivating but is also known for its lasting durability. The painted finish adds depth and character to the overall look.
    Red Calf Leather Lining: Slide your feet into the caress of sumptuously rich red calf leather, ensuring utmost comfort with every step.

2. Traditional Goodyear Welted Construction:

Time-honoured and tested, our Goodyear welted technique promises longevity. This intricate process of stitching the boot's upper part to the insole, sealed with a strip of premium leather, ensures each pair can withstand the test of time, elements, and trends. These boots can be resoled countless times, meaning that they could last decades. This changes the dynamic of the expense, as an investment in quality now, will not only save you money in the long term, but remove toxic 'fast fashion' products from the environment.

3. Natural Crepe Sole:
Renowned for its comfort, the natural crepe sole provides superior grip, flexibility, and a unique aesthetic that complements the multi-coloured design.

4. Design Elements:
Inspired by the steadfast spirit of a soldier and the elegance of yesteryear, the Lace Up boot's classic brogue pattern is a celebration of design, offering both rugged charm and sophistication.

5. Customisation at its Best:
Personalisation goes beyond the spectrum of colours. From the sole to the leather, shoelaces, and even the eyelets, craft your own narrative and style. Reach out, and we'll help tailor your dream boots.

6. Artisanal Craftsmanship:

Crafted in Spain, our boots are the labour of love of artisans who've inherited skills refined over generations. Every cut, stitch, and detail is a testament to this legacy.

Styling Tips:

The versatile hues of khaki and olive make these boots a magnificent companion to a plethora of outfits. Be it a flowy skirt, structured trousers, or even a tailored dress, these boots lend themselves beautifully to both casual and formal ensembles. Given their vibrant lineage, pairing them with earthy tones or even monochrome outfits will let them take centre stage.

The Goodyear Welt - The Backbone of Quality Footwear:

Originated over centuries ago, the Goodyear Welt is more than a technique; it's a promise of excellence. A dance of more than 60 craftsmen, myriad components, and countless handcrafted stages, it ensures that your boots aren't just beautiful but are built to last. Patience is key during the initial "breaking-in". However, the unparalleled comfort that follows is truly worth the wait.

Closing Note:

With every step you take in these boots, you're not only showcasing an exquisite piece of art but also echoing tales of craft, quality, and a legacy that spans continents and eras.