About Us

We started this business because we love art and we love colour. We weren't finding the designs that stood out, we weren't finding that statement piece, and we certainly weren't finding it in plus sizes. So we thought we should do something about it. 

We started this business in Australia, in a small country town, and now we have moved to the UK to be closer to our clients and to build a business that builds its own products with a reputation for great customer service. 

We launched our Custom Design your own Footwear range under the name Mr Bearfoot and also Bare Naked, as we have always loved shoes, boots and sneakers, but we wanted something more personal to us. So we partnered with some of the world's best shoemakers to bring you custom footwear that doesn't charge the cost of a small car. 

We provide homewares, apparel and footwear combined with art and design inspired by the great art movements of the day, from art nouveau, to art deco, pop art and more. 

We also provide custom footwear built to exacting standards, and also, some more casual styles designed to fit your mood and your budget. 

Why are we called The Future is Retro? 

Because we are sick of boring fashion.

So we went to NASA, The Met, The British Museum, The Louvre, The Library of Congress and more than 50 of the World's leading museums and galleries. We dug deep into history and our memories to bring you a collection that moves through time and space.

We hope that you'll find that killer item here that you love, and we are constantly adding new pieces, so you can be sure you won't see 10 people wearing your top.

Thanks for reading and visiting us and if you have any feedback on how we can improve, please let us know by sending us an email at hayati@futureisretro.com

Much Love

The Team at Future Is Retro.


61 Bridge Street