Hawaiian Shirt with Japanese Ukiyo-e Print, Short Sleeve Silk, Linen or Pima Cotton Shirt

Available in beautiful silk, linen, Pima cotton viscose short sleeve limited edition shirt. Handmade to order in London, UK by expert seamstresses and issued by express shipping within 72 hours to anywhere in the world.

Introduce a piece of wearable art to your wardrobe with our Japanese Art Short Sleeve Shirt. This striking garment effortlessly blends a traditional aesthetic with a contemporary fit, offering a unique style that pays homage to the rich history of Japanese art.

Every detail of this shirt is meticulously designed. Crafted from premium materials, it provides a comfortable fit that feels great against your skin. The shirt features a beautiful Japanese art print, transforming an ordinary shirt into a canvas that displays a piece of Japan's illustrious artistic heritage.

The short-sleeve design and relaxed fit make this shirt perfect for any season, whether you're enjoying a summer day or layering up for cooler weather. This isn't just a shirt; it's a versatile piece that brings a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Each Short Sleeve Shirt is cut and handmade to ensure top-notch quality. It's a testament to our commitment to providing unique and individual pieces that set you apart from the crowd.

Pair it with yourfavourite jeans for a casual look, or dress it up with chinos for a more refined ensemble. Caring for it is easy – simply follow the included care instructions to keep your shirt looking its best.

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and artistry with our Japanese Art Short Sleeve Shirt. Order yours today and wear a piece of history that's as individual as you are.

Note: Please refer to our size chart to ensure the perfect fit. With our Japanese Art Short Sleeve Shirt, you're not just wearing a shirt-you're wearing a piece of art.

You can choose from four lightweight and breathable fabrics for your shirt: Pima Lawn Cotton, Lino Linen, 100% Silk Satin and summer breeze Viscose. While Pima Lawn Cotton is beautifully light and made from 100% cotton, Lino Linen is 100% linen and a bit heavier with a crisp feel. Our Satin fabric, on the other hand, is floaty and made with pure silk for a dreamily soft touch. The 100% woven Viscose fabric choice is perfect for wear in the summer for its lustrous, soft feel.

Your custom button-up shirts will have seven buttons. These buttons have a sheen to the face and will catch the light nicely against the fabric.

Perfect for any occasion, our custom short sleeve shirt is a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Choose your fabric, and design  to create a shirt that is uniquely you. Whether you prefer a relaxed and casual look or something more polished and refined, this shirt has you covered. Try one today and experience the ultimate in comfort and style.

Designer Button-Up Shirt

Breathable, comfortable fabric

Mother-of-pearl buttons, with extra included

Casual short sleeve style

Handmade to order

Wash at 86°F, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

  • Wash At 86°F
  • Wash at 85°F
  • Tumble 1
  • Low Heat

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88 - 91 cm
34.6 - 35.8 "

92 - 95 cm
36.2 - 37.4 "


96 - 99 cm
37.7 - 38.9 "


100 - 103 cm
39.3 - 40.5 "


104 - 107 cm
40.9 - 42.1 "


108 - 111 cm
42.5 - 43.7 "


112 - 115 cm
44 - 45.2 "


116 - 119 cm
45.6 - 46.8 "


120 - 123 cm
47.2 - 48.4 "


124 - 129 cm
48.8 - 50.7 "


130 - 135 cm
51.2 - 53.1 "


136 - 141 cm
53.5 - 55.5 "