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Custom Golf Shoes - Chocolate Croco, Luxury Custom Golf Shoes

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These shoes are handmade by Spanish artisans with over 156 years of shoemaking experience. Other premium companies sell their inferior shoes for hundreds of dollars more, but we have partnered with the actual small business artisanal shoemakers to make sure we cut out the middleman, the store markup, the importer, and the advertising budget so you get ultra-premium shoes for a fraction of the price. We have spent over 10 years creating the process and testing to make sure we bring you what might possibly be the best quality shoes you can buy. Our artisans also create shoes for some of the biggest fashion houses, and premium shoe companies in Europe, so you know that the product you are getting is beyond premium.  

  • Materials: dark brown painted croco + white box calf + med brown painted calf + med brown pebble grain
  • Lining: navy calf leather
  • Sole: rubber Golf sole with softspike cleats
  • Last: Zurigo - Rounded toe for traditional English Look

Add eye-catching contrast to any outfit with men's saddle shoes! Their distinct two colour look is a long-time favourite for casual and formal styles alike. This versatile footwear gets its name from the saddle-shaped piece that goes across the lace area.

These custom hand-made golf shoes are made by Spanish Artisans who have over 3 generations and 156 years of shoe making tradition and provide footwear for some of Europe's biggest fashion houses. Every pair is made to order. With wonderful soft spike technology, these really will improve your game. We (almost!!) guarantee it! A great option for anyone looking for a gift for golfer, a golf gift, a unique gift for him, soft spike golf shoes, golf accessories, a gift for him or a gift for her.


Blake welt construction, waterproof materials and leather golf sole unit with removable soft spikes attachments: our Golf Men Dress collection is the perfect choice for players who demand elegance and comfort on the field. From the classic Saddle style to the elegant Double Monk, all our Men’s Dress shoe styles are also available as Golf Shoes.


Soft spikes Cleats Technology


Soft spikes Pulsar delivers maximum comfort and performance via a 16 component design that reacts to every angle of force exerted by the golfer. Reinforced arched webbing between each of Pulsar’s legs delivers instant energy return every time the cleat is compressed – resulting in a cleat that offers unmatched stability and comfort.


With more than 60 billion different materials/colors/designing/soles units combinations, our Made-to-Order 3D Shoe Designing Platform is a very powerful tool for all creative designers around the globe. See our online shoe designer at