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Burgundy Patina Jodhpur Boot, Luxury Leather Boot

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Immerse yourself in the classic elegance of our Jodhpur Ankle Boots. Directly inspired by the finest horsemen from the Indian Jodhpur state, these boots effortlessly blend rich equestrian heritage with modern sartorial trends.

Each pair features a characteristic strap-and-buckle fastener that wraps elegantly around the boot’s shaft, lending an air of refined sophistication to your ensemble. The boots' streamlined silhouette ensures versatility, allowing you to transition seamlessly from casual daytime wear to evening sophistication.

Handcrafted with an unwavering attention to detail, these boots showcase the pinnacle of shoemaking excellence, combining durability and style. The Jodhpur Ankle Boots have earned their moniker and reputation as a true classic in men's footwear. They are not just a pair of boots but a nod to timeless tradition infused with contemporary appeal.

Product Highlights:

- Equestrian-inspired design

- Strap-and-buckle fastener around the shaft

- Timeless classic in men's shoemaking

- Versatile for both casual and formal occasions

- Handcrafted with attention to detail

Step into tradition and elevate your style with our Jodhpur Ankle Boots. These boots offer more than just comfort and durability; they provide a journey through history and a statement of timeless fashion.

These shoes are handmade by Spanish artisans with over 156 years of shoemaking experience. Other premium companies sell their inferior shoes for hundreds of dollars more, but we have partnered with the actual small business artisanal shoemakers to make sure we cut out the middleman, the store markup, the importer, and the advertising budget so you get ultra-premium shoes for a fraction of the price.

We have spent over 10 years creating the process and testing to make sure we bring you, what might be, the best quality shoes you can buy. Our artisans also create shoes for some of the biggest fashion houses, and premium shoe companies in Europe, so you know that the product you are getting is beyond premium.  

 premium shoe companies in Europe, so you know that the product you are getting is beyond premium.  
  • Materials: burgundy patina
  • Lining: brown calf leather
  • Sole: dark red Goodyear Welt leather sole with mountain rubber injections
  • Last: Savile - Sleek looking aesthetic with slight chisel toe

The Octavian blends the elevated style of a distinguished monk dress shoe with the durable and relaxed vibe of a boot. Featuring a double buckle monk and side zip fastening, these smart boots will allow you to move from the boardroom to the bar effortlessly.

Artisan-Hand Made Patina: The technique used to achieve this artwork is known as ‘Anticatura’, which is the Italian word for antique finishing. It is a specialty of Italian and French maestro shoemakers. Entrusted to the hands of the antique finisher, the upper part of the shoe becomes a work of art. The Anticatura method is a hand dyeing procedure of leather. It takes about 8-10 hours of work per pair to create a completely unique patina with an aged effect.