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Handmade Goodyear Welted Leather Boots in Cognac and Chocolate Coloured Patina - Jodhpur Style

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Men's Jodhpur Boots in Brown Burnished Leather, Available in Plus Sizes.

Elegance, tradition, and unparalleled quality are the hallmarks of these Jodhpur Boots, a timeless classic that transcends fleeting fashion trends. Inspired by the best horsemen from the Jodhpur state in India, these boots are a nod to history, artisanship, and the meticulousness of a bygone era.


  • Upper: Rich cognac painted calf that ages gracefully with wear.
  • Lining: Soft brown calf leather, ensuring utmost comfort and luxury.
  • Sole: Durable black commando rubber sole, designed for longevity and traction.
  • Last: Monti, which exudes classic elegance with a slightly square toe.

Styling Tips: These Jodhpur boots, renowned for their strap-and-buckle fastener wrapping around the shaft, make a bold statement. They are versatile, ideal for enhancing a sharp suit, making a statement at a wedding, or elevating your casual ensemble. With the added bonus of being available in plus sizes, every gentleman can enjoy the blend of luxury and comfort.

Why Choose These Boots? This isn't fast fashion. This is a commitment to quality. As proponents against the environmental repercussions of disposable fashion, our Mr BearFoot shoe collection champions the art of hand-made craftsmanship. Each shoe is a testament to traditions passed down through generations, infused with contemporary aesthetics.

The Goodyear welt construction is our promise to durability, ensuring that each pair is not only long-lasting but also provides unmatched value for money. Unlike the cheaper alternatives that wear out quickly, our shoes, with the correct care and occasional resoling, can last decades.

Goodyear Welt — The Gold Standard: With roots tracing back to 1872, when Charles Goodyear Jr. revolutionized footwear, the Goodyear welt construction stands as a testament to superior quality. More than 60 artisans lend their expertise to craft each shoe, employing over 120 handcrafted phases, a meticulous process involving 25-50 different elements and pieces.


  1. Money-Saving Durability: Capable of countless resoles, ensuring longevity.
  2. Weather Resilience: Multi-layered construction enhances water resistance.
  3. Optimum Comfort: The small gap between the insole and outsole, filled with quality cork, ensures the shoes mold to your feet over time, increasing comfort with each wear.


  1. Initial Investment: While the upfront cost might seem steep, it's an investment in quality and longevity.
  2. Breaking-in Period: Due to its robust construction, the shoe requires some wear before it molds perfectly to your foot. But patience pays off, offering unparalleled comfort afterward.

In today's fast-paced world, where everything is transient, why not invest in a timeless piece of art that not only speaks of your style but also of your values? Choose heritage, choose sustainability, choose a shoe that walks the talk. Choose our Men's Jodhpur Boots.