Cushion Cover with insert - Emerald Tiger

5-year guarantee on print and quality!!

These luxury cushions are a great option for anyone looking for art deco style, retro cushions, art cushions, or stylish cushions to liven up their home. These cushions can be selected with either duck feather or polyester.

Liven up your space with custom pillows, beautifully printed with our designs. Also works great for a workspace, a sofa, an occasional chair, a bed, or anywhere you need some style injected into your environment. The cover is made of 100% natural Cotton Linen or your choice of 4 ultra-soft fabrics with either polyester padding or duck feather, concealed with a stylish heart or square zipper. Choose from six sizes to perfectly fill those empty patches on the couch or window display. They're a chic addition to your home, office or event space, so make a statement with these luxury cushions, UK-made to order and shipped out within 3 days.

At a glance

Luxury customised pillow with coloured satin piping
6 size options
5 fabric choices, including 100% Natural Cotton Linen
Soft poly or duck feather filling
Handmade to order in London, UK
5-year guarantee

Dimensions (approximate)

Small square cushion: 30cm sq. (12")
Medium square cushion: 40cm sq. (16") - 220 g
Large square cushion: 50cm sq. (20") - 340 g
Largest square cushion: 60cm sq. (24")
Medium rectangle cushion: 50 x 35cm (20x14")
Large rectangle cushion: 55 x 40cm (22 x 16") - 560 g