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Comfortable Bridal heels Monroe Slingback Heel, Luxury Women's Heels

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  • Materials - White patent leather
  • Lining:Greece marble super soft patent
  • Sole: red leather sole

  • For the bride who seeks to marry tradition with contemporary style, our handcrafted Monroe Slingback Heels are the quintessence of bridal elegance. Each pair is meticulously crafted in Spain, a testament to generations of heritage and the mastery of artisan shoemaking.


    Cloaked in the purity of white patent leather, the upper part of these heels evoke the feel of a luxurious silk – soft, supple, and comforting. Hand-cut with the utmost precision and expertly stitched, they sculpt a silhouette as unique and beautiful as the bride herself.

    The interior is a marvel of Greece marble super soft patent, providing a decadent touch of luxury and comfort to your feet. Coupled with a cushioned and contoured insole, these heels are designed to cradle your feet, ensuring comfort as you walk down the aisle, and dance through the night.

    For the grand finale, the exquisite red leather sole - the trademark of true luxury footwear - graces each step you take with a touch of hidden flamboyance.

    The Monroe Slingback Heel boasts a distinct, slip-on design that subtly accentuates the length of your legs, courtesy of its stiletto or Cuban heel height. The end result is a harmonious blend of modern design and traditional elegance, a pair of heels that are more than footwear – they're a statement.

    Whether you're making your grand entrance or twirling on the dance floor, these couture heels will elevate your special day. They are an investment not just in style and quality, but in memories that will last a lifetime.

    In an era where premium brands set sky-high prices, we strive to bring you a breath of fresh air. Our exclusive partnership with the true craftsmen of the industry, these artisans of small Spanish businesses, lets us eschew the traditional costs such as middlemen, store markups, and unnecessary advertising fees. The result? Exceptionally crafted, ultra-premium shoes that don't cost the earth.

    We've dedicated over a decade to perfecting our craft and ensuring that the shoes you receive are nothing short of perfection.


    Please note that the chart below may appear to have doubled some sizes in the US and UK charts. This isn't the case. EU sizes allow smaller changes in the sizes to enable a closer fit, but there is no such size change for the US and UK sizes. For example, an EU 35 is a slightly smaller size than an EU 35.5, but as far as the US and UK are concerned, they are the same size.


    We always try and recommend to our clients to try and use EU sizing, and to do their best to find out their EU size actually is, as this will always give a more accurate shoe size. Almost all shoes will show the EU, UK and US size inside the size label.  All shoes are built differently, even our own shoes don't always have the same size between models, based on the design of the toe box, the width at certain points in the shoe and other complexities. Try and measure your feet as well as you can by drawing around your feet (you'll need a friend to draw as you stand straight) and then measure.


    (EU) 35 35,5 36 36,5 37 37,5 38 38,5 39 39,5 40 40,5 41 41,5 42 42,5 43 43,5 44 Widths: B,W
    (US) 5 5 5,5 6 6,5 7 7 7,5 8 8,5 8,5 9 9,5 10 10,5 10,5 11 11,5 12 Widths: B,W
    (UK) 3 3 3,5 4 4,5 5 5 5,5 6 6,5 6,5 7 7,5 8 8,5 8,5 9 9,5 10 Widths: B,W