Mucha 1800s Art Poster Print, Jigsaw

A beautiful artwork by Alphonse Mucha which is a great art nouveau framed or unframed art work that is great for anyone looking for 1800s art, art for the lounge, bedroom, the office, home decor, a Mucha poster print, prints on canvas, or as a great gift for her or gift for a friend. Available in a number of formats including as a jigsaw, framed prints, unframed canvas, high definition metal, High Definition acrylic, wood, or canvas.

Some background on the art and artist from the "History of Art"

"What is particularly interesting, in this context, about the F. Champenois Imprimeur-Éditeur advert by Mucha is that Champenois himself was an editor and printer of lithographs. In fact, Champenois was the main editor and printer that Mucha worked with. Thus, this poster is not just an advert that was commissioned by a printer, it is a work of art with a personal significance. Many commentators state that the F. Champenois print by Mucha is the most beautiful advert that a lithographer has ever made. The reason for this may well be found in the fact that Mucha had a personal and monetary reason to make the print the very best it could be."

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA, WE ONLY SHIP ROLLED CANVAS OR FINE ART PAPER WITHOUT FRAMING. If you would like framed art prints in different parts of the world, please contact us and we will use an artistic production partner near you.