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Black and White Patent Ballet Flats, Shoes for Wedding

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These shoes are handmade by Spanish artisans with over 156 years of shoemaking experience. Other premium companies sell their inferior shoes for hundreds of dollars more, but we have partnered with the actual small business artisanal shoemakers to make sure we cut out the middleman, the store markup, the importer, and the advertising budget so you get ultra-premium shoes for a fraction of the price. We have spent over 10 years creating the process and testing to make sure we bring you what might possibly be the best quality shoes you can buy. Our artisans also create shoes for some of the biggest fashion houses, and premium shoe companies in Europe, so you know that the product you are getting is beyond premium.  

  • Our women's couture footwear is handmade in Spain using the finest materials and traditional techniques. Each pair is a work of art, crafted with utmost attention to detail and a dedication to quality.


    The upper part of the shoes is made from luxurious, high-quality leather that is carefully selected for its texture and durability. The leather is then hand-cut and expertly stitched together, creating a sleek and stylish silhouette.


    In addition to their stunning appearance, these shoes are also incredibly comfortable. The insole is cushioned and contoured to provide support and comfort for all-day wear, and the leather upper is soft and pliable, allowing for a natural fit and feel.


    Whether you're looking for a pair of shoes to elevate your evening wear or a statement piece for your everyday wardrobe, our women's couture footwear is sure to impress. With their exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design, these shoes are a true investment in style and quality.

  • Materials: luxury black super soft patent + Grecian marble super soft patent
  • Lining: orchid fuchsia Italian suede
  • Sole: dark camel leather sole

PADUA flat in real leather is a modern and stylish round toe shoe. Its beautiful vamp design makes it a unique style while being comfortable and versatile. Its rounded-toe style provides a look reminiscent of modern times.