Art Nouveau Heavyweight Cotton Hoodie - William Morris 'The Strawberry Thieves'

🍓🎨 Embrace Artistic Elegance with "The Strawberry Thieves" Hoodie 🎨🍓

Wrap yourself in a piece of art history with our cosy hoodie, featuring the timeless design, "The Strawberry Thieves" by renowned artist William Morris, available in plus sizes.

This iconic print, originally crafted in the late 19th century, epitomizes the lush and romantic aesthetics of the Art Nouveau movement, becoming a symbol of a bygone era where art and nature danced in harmonious patterns.

Details & Craftsmanship
👕 Material: Exquisite 100% Cotton
👕 Fit: Regular
👕 Fabric Weight: 320 gsm
👕 Care: Machine wash cold, line dry, avoid bleach/ dry-cleaning, iron max at 110°C.

👀 Note: Slight variations in colour and element position may occur due to various factors.

Artistic Legacy & Style

"The Strawberry Thieves" is more than a print; it's a poetic weave of nature and meticulous craftsmanship that stemmed from Morris’s fascination with medieval practices and his love for the natural world. These thieves, depicted as thrushes stealing strawberries, were symbolic, acting as a bridge between the visceral nature of the arts and crafts movement and the practical and aesthetic qualities of fabric design.

What This Symbolizes for You

When you wear this hoodie, you’re adorning yourself with a narrative that speaks to art lovers, historians, and nature enthusiasts alike. It’s a conversation starter, a statement of appreciating the seamless blend of beauty and craftsmanship.


✨ Quality Construction: Our hoodies are constructed with a focus on durability and quality, ensuring that the beautiful design is matched by the longevity of the garment.

✨ Seasonal Versatility: Crafted from pure cotton, expect a breathable and comfortable experience, making it a piece that transcends seasons, providing warmth in winter and airy comfort in summer.

✨ Ecological Choice: For the eco-conscious, the 100% cotton composition not only offers a supreme hand-feel but aligns with sustainable purchasing choices.

✨ Artistic Affiliation: A manifestation of your appreciation for classic art and your personal style, connecting you with like-minded individuals who hold a soft spot for history, art, and nature.


Team this delightful hoodie with your favourite jeans for a casual, artistic flair or layer it under a structured coat for an intriguing visual pop. Whether you're cozying up at home or heading out to an art gallery, it stands as a versatile piece that gently whispers the romanticism and organic allure of eras gone by.

For Whom?
Ideal for those who find comfort in the cottage core aesthetic, adore retro designs, and hold a keen interest in the Arts and Crafts Movement. This piece is a snug haven for art nouveau enthusiasts, offering not just a garment, but a tale, a history, and a legacy.

🍓 A moment with "The Strawberry Thieves" is a walk through artistic history, and we're delighted to take this journey with you. 🍓

🚚 Production Time: 3-5 business days. Every piece is crafted with care and precision just for you.
🚚 Note: Please be aware of production times as we ensure this artistic piece is perfectly crafted for you.