High-Waisted Boho Silk Midi Skirt - Chinese Textile Inspired in Plus Sizes

Majestic Elegance: The Crane & Cherry Blossom Silk Maxi Skirt

Step into the serene world of Eastern artistry with the Crane & Cherry Blossom Silk Maxi Skirt, an ode to the timeless beauty of Chinese aesthetics. Through every stitch and swirl, this piece echoes centuries of tradition, capturing the grace of the crane and the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms in a dance of color and form.

🎨 Eastern Grace in Every Glimpse: Breathe in the age-old elegance of Chinese art with our meticulously designed crane and cherry blossom print. These birds, revered symbols of longevity and peace, gracefully wade through an ethereal garden of cherry blossoms, a representation of the transient nature of life. Every step you take becomes a poetic journey through ancient lands.

🍒 Soft Embrace of Luxury: Let the sublime silk gently kiss your skin. Whether you opt for the lustrous Silk Sensation with its satin allure or the lavish embrace of Real Silk Satin, you're promised a caress that's as soft as cherry blossom petals against the backdrop of a spring morning.

Flattering Beauty in Form: The A-line silhouette, a universal charmer, cinches you at the waist, cascading in gentle waves to flirt with your curves. This form, paired with a high-rise design, offers an elongated, statuesque elegance, ensuring every wearer from petite to a generous 7XL feels like royalty.

🖼 Vivid, Lasting Grandeur: Our advanced printing techniques do justice to the intricate art, ensuring that the cranes soar and cherry blossoms bloom in rich, undying colours. A beauty that's etched in time.

Care Instructions:

  • Silk: Cherish with care. While dry cleaning is preferred, a delicate hand wash in cold with a silk-friendly detergent is also suitable.
  • Poly: Best washed at 86°F. Opt for air drying or a gentle tumble dry. Refrain from wringing and use a low-heat iron to keep it pristine.