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Handmade Goodyear Welted Boots in Burgundy Burnished Leather

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Men's Octavian Buckle Boots: The Epitome of Handcrafted Mastery & Sartorial Grace

Dive into the mesmerizing world of supreme craftsmanship with our Men's Octavian Buckle Boots. A seamless amalgamation of over 156 years of Spanish shoemaking artistry, these boots stand as a testament to time, dedication, and unparalleled passion. Paired with our relentless pursuit of perfection over the last decade, we present to you a masterpiece that challenges the very definition of luxury footwear.


  • Exterior: Lustrous burgundy patina, hand-brushed to capture the essence of vintage grandeur.
  • Interior Lining: Rich brown calf leather, ensuring a cocoon of comfort with every step.
  • Sole: Deep red Goodyear Welt leather sole, fortified with mountain rubber injections, crafted for resilience.
  • Last: A sleek aesthetic, crowned with a subtle chisel toe, epitomizing modern elegance.

Elevating the Octavian: The Octavian Buckle Boots transcend traditional footwear. Merging the dignified style of a revered monk shoe with the hardiness of a boot, they offer versatility unmatched. The inclusion of a double buckle monk and convenient side-zip fastening ensures effortless transitions, be it from board meetings to evening escapades. With customization at its core – from sole to shade, from leather type to lining – every Octavian is a unique narrative.

Artisan-Hand Made Patina: A dedication to 'Anticatura', the renowned Italian art of antique finishing, transforms each pair into a wearable masterpiece. This meticulous hand dyeing process, spanning over 8-10 hours per pair, results in an unrivalled patina with a beautifully aged touch.

Why Our Goodyear Welt Stands Apart:

The Goodyear welt technique, an art form in itself, forms the backbone of our boots. Upheld by generations of Spanish artisans, this method promises longevity, allowing for seamless resoling and extended wear. Not only is the bond it forms robust, but it also promises adaptability and wear tailored to one's foot, ensuring comfort that amplifies over time.

Affordable Elegance:

Despite rubbing shoulders with the luxury footwear donned by the crème de la crème of European fashion, our boots defy traditional pricing norms. By partnering directly with artisanal shoemakers, eliminating intermediaries, store markups, and extravagant advertising budgets, we pledge unparalleled luxury at a fraction of the price.

Styling Tips:

  • Boardroom to Bar: Team the Octavian with tailored trousers, a fitted shirt, and a statement blazer for a look that exudes confidence.
  • Sartorial Excellence: Match these with dark denim, a roll-neck sweater, and a tailored coat for a refined weekend ensemble.

With our Octavian Buckle Boots, you aren't just investing in footwear; you're acquiring a piece of history, an artwork crafted by maestros, a legacy that's poised to endure. Revel in the realm of artisanal luxury. Make the statement of a lifetime.