Microfleece Zip Hoodie - Japanese Woodblock art print

Delve into the elegance and expressive beauty of the Shin Hanga art movement with our latest addition to the Future Is Retro collection. This microfleece zip-up hoodie is not merely a garment but a canvas that brings the exquisite artwork of Nishimura Hodo into your everyday style, wrapped in the comfort of modern materials and craftsmanship.

Artistic Harmony in Hues of Pink:
Adorning this hoodie is a piece from the Shin Hanga movement, with its soft atmospheric qualities and intricate use of light and shadow that pay homage to the traditional ukiyo-e art form, rejuvenated through Western influences. Hodo’s artwork, with its serene canaries amidst plum blossoms, celebrates the confluence of Japanese tradition and imported beauty, symbolizing joy, intellectual development, and the harmonious blend of cultures.

'Pink Version' - A Unique Palette:
This particular 'Pink Version' suggests a suite of artworks exploring different moods, here rendered in delicate pinks that evoke a sense of warmth and softness. It’s a colour that represents the dawn of spring and the gentle awakening of nature, mirroring the Shin Hanga movement’s fusion of past and present.

Timeless Craftsmanship Meets Contemporary Design:
Our microfleece hoodie brings the tradition of Japanese art into the modern era of casual wear. The 100% polyester fabric ensures longevity and resilience, while the microfleece lining promises unparalleled comfort and insulation. The smooth nylon zipper front closure adds a sleek touch to the overall design, making it as functional as it is stylish.

High-Definition Printing:
Each graphic is meticulously printed, cut, and sewn to capture the essence of Nishimura Hodo’s work in vibrant, never-fading colours. The hoodie's canvas proudly showcases the art in high definition, promising that the design will withstand time, mirroring the lasting impact of the Shin Hanga movement.

Versatile and Cosy Wearability:

  • Unisex Fit: This hoodie is tailored for a comfortable fit on any body type, transcending gender norms in fashion.
  • Soft Touch Exterior: The gentle fabric surface invites touch, suggesting the smoothness of the plum blossoms' petals depicted in the artwork.
  • Warmth from Within: The plush microfleece lining offers a cosy refuge from the chill, providing a snug embrace.

Styling Your Artistic Statement:
To wear this hoodie is to carry a story - the tale of an art movement that bridged worlds. Style it with understated elegance to allow the artwork to sing; think classic jeans or monochromatic trousers. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the legacy of art and yearn for comfort without compromising on style.

With our Future Is Retro collection, you wear a narrative of historical artistry meshed with the ease of modern fashion. This hoodie, with Nishimura Hodo’s work, doesn’t just pay tribute to Shin Hanga; it is an invitation to carry its spirit with you, to live amidst the beauty of contrasting worlds, and to embrace the enduring allure of a bygone era resurrected through contemporary touchpoints.

Because it’s handmade for you, these hoodies require 4-8 business days before they are shipped. Orders placed before midnight will be included in the following day’s batch for manufacturing.

Inches XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
Front length (from H.P.S.) 26½ 28 29 30 30¾ 31½ 32¼ 33
1/2 Chest 20½ 22 23½ 24½ 25½ 26½ 27½ 28½
Sleeve Length 25½ 26½ 27½ 28½ 29½ 30 30½ 31

Centimeters XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
Front length (from H.P.S.) 67.3 71.1 73.7 76.2 78.1 80 81.9 83.8
1/2 Chest 52 55 59.7 62.2 64.7 67.3 69.8 72.4
Sleeve Length 64.7 67.3 69.8 72.4 74.9 76.2 77.5 78.7