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Handmade Ankle Cuff Heels in Blue Nappa Leather

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Lustrous Elegance: Artisan-crafted Spanish High Heels

Immerse yourself in the epitome of European elegance with these handcrafted leather high heels, a luxurious fusion of time-honoured craftsmanship and contemporary style. Stemming from a legacy spanning over 156 years, each pair tells a tale of meticulous artisan dedication, passed down through generations in the heart of Spain.

🌹 A Heritage of Excellence: These heels aren't just shoes; they're wearable art. Handmade by a seasoned family of Spanish artisans, whose revered skills have graced the collections of Europe's most illustrious fashion houses, each heel encapsulates a tradition of unmatched excellence.

💎 Exquisite Aesthetics & Details: Drenched in a mesmerising blend of deep blue and clover green Nappa Kaiser, these pumps emanate an allure that's impossible to overlook. The seductive 6-inch heel gracefully elongates the leg, while the ankle cuff, fastened securely with a strap, ensures a snug fit. Adding a touch of opulence is the decorative clasp, an enchanting dazzle that seamlessly blends allure and sophistication, making these peep-toe heels a coveted addition to any ensemble.

💚 Superior Comfort: While these heels captivate with their aesthetics, they don't compromise on comfort. The tourmaline green nappa kaiser lining cradles the foot, and the robust dark camel leather sole ensures durability, making them perfect for any occasion, from lavish parties to intimate date nights.

Whether you're a fashion-forward woman seeking the perfect statement piece or someone with an appreciation for artisan craftsmanship, these high heels promise to deliver unmatched elegance and flair. Elevate your footwear collection with a touch of Spanish charm, and let every step you take resonate with a rich legacy of shoemaking brilliance.
  • Materials: deep blue nappa kaiser + clover green nappa kaiser
  • Lining: tourmaline green nappa kaiser
  • Sole: dark camel leather sole