Vintage Kimono Print Nappa Leather Crossbody Bag

**Vintage Kimono Print Designer Crossbody Bag**

Elevate your style with a piece of historical elegance. Our Vintage Kimono Print Crossbody Bag isn’t just a bag - it's a wearable artifact that seamlessly blends ancient art with modern, functional design.

🎨 **Authentic 17th Century Kimono Design**
Showcasing a high-resolution print derived from an actual 17th-century kimono, the bag presents a vibrant interaction between a phoenix and a peacock. Take note of a unique feature: the print illustrates a fold from the original silk kimono, not a printing error, but a charming nod to the authenticity and age of the original piece.

🏛 **A Timeless Art Piece from World-Class Museums**
The rich heritage embedded in this bag brings forward the magnificent artistry of ancient kimonos held in renowned museums, providing not just a fashion statement but a conversation starter.

🌿 **Handmade in London Studios with a Sustainable Choice**
Painstakingly handcrafted by our London-based production partners—who have built pieces for Europe’s prominent fashion houses—each bag reflects a commitment to quality and sustainability. Choose between 100% Nappa leather or a conscientious leatherette alternative, molded and sewn to perfection in a fusion of tradition and innovation.

💎 **Luxurious Yet Practical Features**
- **Size:** A commodious 9.6" x 7.3" to secure your essentials.
- **Versatile Chain:** A 42" detachable, nickel-plated chain lets you switch between a sleek crossbody and a chic clutch.
- **Quality Interior:** Lined with sumptuous Suede Vision fabric to cradle your belongings in luxury.
- **Artisan Crafted:** As each bag is handmade to order, yours will be an exclusive masterpiece.
- **Secure and Stylish:** The round metal zip pull ensures your items are secure with a dash of sophistication.

**Care Intricacies to Keep the Elegance Alive**
Preserve the lavishness and quality of your crossbody bag by keeping it away from prolonged exposure to heat, sunlight, water, and chemical cleaners. If your treasure gets wet, let it dry naturally and wipe it gently with a damp lint-free cotton cloth when needed. When not adorning your outfit, store it in a protective dust bag or box.

💖 **Unique, Historical, and Utterly Chic**
Your Vintage Kimono Print Crossbody Bag is more than a fashion accessory—it's a connection to the past, a token of artful craftsmanship, and a symbol of your unique style narrative. Make it yours, wear it with pride, and let every detail declare your refined style sensibilities.

🛒 **Embrace the Elegance of Yesteryears**
Click “Add to Cart” and let this exquisite crossbody bag breathe an air of historical and artistic elegance into your style.

  • Wipe with a lint free cloth
  • Do Not Wash
  • Avoid high temperatures
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Avoid rain and water
  • Avoid chemical cleaners