Zip Top Leather Or Satin Handbag feat Japanese Ukiyo-e Art

Styling & Versatility: 👜💫 Revel in elegance and let your artistic spirit soar with our ukiyo-e printed tote handbag. Featuring the iconic artistry of Ito Jakuchu and his masterpiece "La paroquette", this tote is not just a bag, it's a statement. Whether it's leather that captivates your heart or the satin that you find irresistible, this handbag flawlessly complements both the daily hustle and evening soirées.

Features & Benefits:

  • Secure Zip Fastening: Ensures your valuables are kept safely.
  • Three Internal Pockets: Organise your essentials effortlessly.
  • Dimensions - 18.5" x 12.2" x 5.7": Spacious enough to carry your daily must-haves.
  • Long Leather Handles: Perfect length for shoulder comfort and style.
  • Handmade to Order: Ensuring each bag is unique and tailored for you.

Detailed Description: Crafted with precision and love, our tote handbags are the epitome of design craftsmanship. Be it the sleek leather with a high-quality Italian silver zip or the lustrous satin with a durable plastic zip, we've got you covered. Our bag boasts a sturdy base complemented by five chrome stud "feet" ensuring longevity. What's more captivating is the chemically bonded ink, guaranteeing a lasting vibrant print, making your bag a timeless piece.

Our commitment to quality doesn't end here. We've chosen the luxurious Nappa bovine-calf leather for those who have an eye for the finer things. However, as with all exquisite leather items, be gentle, for the print might lift if scuffed. Hand cut, sewn by our adept seamstresses, and garnished with a waterproof lining, this tote promises both functionality and elegance.

Functionality & Use: This isn't just any tote. With its roomy interior, keep everything from notebooks to makeup bags secured. The three internal pockets are ideal for your phone, keys, or any small essentials. The bag's structured base ensures it stands tall and proud wherever you set it down.

Closing: Embrace a blend of style, art, and utility with this tote handbag. Whether you're showcasing your affinity for art or simply stepping out for a day in town, this tote is your perfect companion.

Technical Details & Care Instructions:

  • Material Options: Premium Nappa Leather or Satin
  • Fastening: Italian Silver Zip (for leather) or High-Quality Plastic Zip (for satin)
  • Protection: 5 chrome stud "feet" for enhanced durability
  • Maintenance: Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with a mild soapy damp cloth.
  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak