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Handmade Sneakers in White Minimalist Leather with Plus Sizes

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  • Handcrafted Spanish Artisan Sneakers: The Epitome of Timeless Elegance 🇪🇸

    Step into a world where timeless craftsmanship and contemporary elegance converge. 🌟 Every stride tells a tale – one of 156 years of unmatched artisanal brilliance, right from the heart of Spain.

    Crafted with dedication, every pair is a testament to generations of artisans who've been the unsung heroes behind Europe's top fashion powerhouses. The sleek white Nappa leather exterior, coupled with a passionate red calf leather lining, promises not just style, but a journey. A journey of luxury, comfort, and legacy.

    What's Inside & Around:
    Immerse your feet in the luxurious embrace of red calf leather lining. With the exterior made from pristine white Nappa leather and a robust white cupsole rubber sole, durability meets elegance in every step. 🥿

    Why They're Special:
    Handmade by a lineage of Spanish craftsmen, these sneakers carry the spirit and precision of over a century-old tradition. Every detail, every stitch, echoes the dedication of families who've refined their craft for over 156 years.

    Wear It Your Way:

         Women: Pair with your favourite summer dresses or tailored trousers, adding a dash of European flair. 💃

         Men: Elevate casual denim or match with chinos for a refined urban look. 🕺

         With every step, be reminded of the Spanish artisans' passion, history, and dedication. Let your feet narrate tales of yesteryears while staying firmly in the present.

  • Care & Love:

    • Outer: Exquisite White Nappa Leather
    • Lining: Passionate Red Calf Leather
    • Sole: Reliable White Cupsole Rubber
    • Gentle wipe with a soft cloth keeps them shining.
    • Store away from direct sunlight and moisture.


  • Make Them Yours:
    Experience style intertwined with history. Feel the luxury, cherish the craftsmanship. Isn't it time your feet enjoyed a touch of Spanish elegance?