Vegan Leather Hi Tops Retro Vapour Wave off of Kanagawa

Dive into a surreal blend of art and fashion with these vegan leather high-tops, boasting a mesmerising vaporwave rendition of "The Great Wave off Kanagawa." A true fusion of past and future, these shoes bring iconic art to the modern urban scene, reflecting a passion for both history and cutting-edge style.

Styling Tips:

For Women:

Turn heads by pairing these high-tops with acid-wash jeans and a neon crop top. Finish the ensemble with oversized sunglasses and chunky jewellery for a true vaporwave aesthetic.

For Men:

Rock these high tops with black skinny jeans and a holographic tee. Layer with a lightweight windbreaker and retro shades to fully embrace the vaporwave vibe.
Features and Benefits:

✅ Sustainable Elegance: Vegan leather composition ensures eco-friendliness without compromising on style.
✅ Artistic Flair: Vaporwave print of the iconic Great Wave offers a unique, trendy touch.
✅ Superior Outsole: Premium rubber outsoles, designed for durability and all-over print appeal.
✅ Easy Maintenance: Semi-glossy leather upper ensures the shoes remain looking pristine with minimal effort.
✅ Enhanced Comfort: Black mesh cloth lining and EVA padded insoles make every step a breeze.
✅ Classic Appeal: 2.7 cm heel height and a 3-layer sole
✅ Stylish Details: Perforated 'galaxy' oblique panels and lace-up closure enhance aesthetic and functionality.