Art Print Hoodie The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Hokusai, 100% cotton retro

Dive into a Wave of Art & Culture with "The Great Wave off of Kanagawa" Oversized Hoodie:

Embrace the unparalleled beauty of Japanese Ukiyo-e art with our premium oversized hoodie. Seamlessly integrating the timeless "The Great Wave off of Kanagawa" with traditional kimono prints, this piece is a fusion of history, art, and contemporary fashion.

Styling Tips:

For Women:

  • Y2K Throwback: Pair with baggy jeans or a cargo skirt. Finish with platform sneakers and chunky jewellery for that quintessential Y2K vibe.

For Men:

  • Retro Revival: Complement with wide-leg trousers and chunky sneakers. Opt for a beanie or a baseball cap, and you're set for a throwback ensemble.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quality Material: Relish in the 100% cotton build, ideal for those who prioritize comfort and sustainability. Experience its breathable texture throughout every season.
  • Iconic Artwork: Revel in the majestic "The Great Wave off of Kanagawa" set against a traditional kimono backdrop, a dream for art aficionados.
  • Universal Fit: A regular fit that welcomes everyone, with sizes running up to 6 XL.
  • Distinct Vintage Appeal: Courtesy of the cotton printing method, anticipate a special retro ambiance with slightly dimmed colours.
  • Caring for Your Art Piece: For maintenance, machine wash cold with like colours and hang dry. Avoid bleach and dry cleaning. Use a gentle iron setting, sans steam, to protect the print.

Please Note: Factors such as lighting and print alignment may cause minor differences between the product's actual appearance and its mock-up.