Art Nouveau Boho Maxi Dress in Plus SIzes

Cherished Elegance: The Verneuill Equine & Bird Art Nouveau Boho Midi Dress

The soft whisper of past eras comes alive in the Verneuill Equine & Bird Art Nouveau Boho Midi Dress. As a tribute to the Art Nouveau movement, this dress encapsulates the splendour of Maurice Pillard Verneuil's iconic designs. Curated from the precious archives of The MET, the equine and bird motif unfolds in a graceful dance of nature and elegance on this distinctive dress.

🎨 A Canvas of Nature's Poetry: As the soft fabric envelopes you, let the whimsical grace of horses and birds, depicted in Art Nouveau's quintessential flowing lines and organic forms, narrate tales of nature's seamless beauty. The distinct aesthetics resonate with the Bohemian ethos, making this dress a precious gem in the Boho lover's wardrobe.

🌿 Heavenly Embrace of Quality: Fashioned from 100% polyester, the dress promises a soft, opaque embrace, ensuring not just an exquisite look, but a feel that cherishes your skin. The subtle silhouette is a soft ode to femininity, with a comfortable, regular fit that invites you into a realm of elegance and comfort.

🌺 Vibrant Artistry That Lasts: The designs are imprinted using an advanced heat sublimation technique, ensuring that the opulent hues and intricate details remain vivid, celebrating Verneuill's design with enduring vibrancy.

Care Instructions: This treasure is as easy to care for as it is beautiful. Machine wash without worry. The dress stays true to its charm, ready to grace your form and tell its story through many days and nights.

This Verneuill Equine & Bird Art Nouveau Boho Midi Dress is more than a garment—it's a passage through time, a canvas of nature's eternal dance. Each wear is a step into a world where art, nature, and human essence entwine in a timeless melody. Here's to the days and nights of poetic elegance that await you with this dress.