Flexible Goodyear Welted Shoes

Flexible shoe

Try designing your own flex sole Goodyear welted shoe with our 3D shoe designer.

It’s about time to unveil our new project: The Goodyear Flex system!

The Flex system is our new variant on the Goodyear construction: An entire new production method specifically developed with Comfort in mind —but preserving the Quality and Style standards of the original Goodyear construction.

Want to know how it’s made? We cut one of the shoes in half and prepared a beautiful cross-section infographic.


Goodyear flex

We had to build the new Flex system from scratch, working over every aspect of production to maximize flexibility, but at the same time maintaining the same level of durability.

This process not only meant the development of whole innovative production techniques, but new materials to be used in order to squeeze every drop of comfortability we could get.


Flex sole shoes